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As a photographer I found that whenever I needed to change anything on my web site
I would have to pay the web builder this started to get expensive.
So I decided to learn and start building web sites well that was 5 years ago.
I was not alone and other people were getting tired of paying for any minor change they wanted to do.
What Web Design CMS offer is a level that allows you to edit articles and even change pictures on your site for FREE.  
This way you have some control over your life and website. No longer begging and pleading for it to be done.
Depending on your skill level a fair amount can be done by yourself.
If you need Web Design CMS offer training to get you to the level you need to run the front end of your site.
Yes there are cheaper web site offers,but how many give you total control of your site?
Do you own the URL or is it piggybacked off another site?
It should be http://yoursite.com
What happens when/if they go out of business? so does your site.
So for just R1900.00*!
For 3 Page Web Site.
It is totally yours. * This does not include your site registration with the server company like Afrihost  and your annual licence for the URL
! This applies to both Joomal and Wordpress
Mike Harvey-WebDesignCMS